4th of July Meditation: Why Socialists Hurt Education

One bizarre aspect of any discussion about public education is that everybody tiptoes around the real reason why the schools are mediocre.

We spend billions of dollars. Millions of people work in this area. The whole country embraces public education.

So why do we have low literacy rates, widespread ignorance among ordinary citizens about simple things, etc., etc.??

The people in charge can’t be trying to do a good job. Put another way, whatever it is these people mean by “education” is not what most parents want for their kids.

John Dewey and everybody else in charge of public education from 1900 onward was a socialist, a communist, a collectivist, or something of the sort. This is not a secret. Most of these people used the word “progressive” to describe themselves, and this was a common synonym for socialist. 

The only thing that seems to be hidden is the degree to which these people would push their socialist agenda--rather than focus on the educational services they are paid to care about.

Bottom line, it clarifies every discussion about education if we understand that the DNA of this field is far to the left. Socialists want to eliminate private property, religion, family, and freedom. To accomplish all this, they try to dumb down the public through education.

Clearly, the American Revolution was not fought on behalf of these disgraceful goals.

For a longer discussion, see “Socialism versus Education.""” 



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