Dyslexia – Bah Humbug

The great debate, raging throughout American society and the field of education, is whether dyslexia is actually a real thing. Shouldn't it be easy to tell? Yes, of course, if the Education Establishment were scientific as opposed to being ideological.

 Here's the whole thing condensed to a few words: children must learn to read with phonics. If you make them memorize sight-words (as happens throughout our public school system) they will have a lot of difficulty and collateral damage. 

 Having difficulty and damage--are you ready? – is what our public schools call dyslexia. They cause it and then they label it. Then they say to the parents, it's your fault because you had a defective child!!!

 If you raise children in a house with lead paint, you can expect mental difficulties. Sight-words inflict cognitive damages comparable to those inflicted by lead paint. Keep children from eating lead paint; and children will no longer have these problems.

 The link below goes to "Dyslexia is a Myth" on American Thinker. My original title was "Dyslexia--Bah Humbug." I liked this title, so I'm happy to use it here.

This article mainly presents Samuel Blumenfeld's excellent analysis of the dyslexia issue. Every parent with young children in the public schools should read this article. LINK


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