The Education Establishment: what it's REALLY thinking

 Here is comment I just left on BETRAYED, a well-known blog:

“Laurie Rogers is doing a great job analyzing the administrative and bureaucratic maneuvers of the education bureaucrats in Washington state.

Still, I’m frustrated. Here’s my question. Does anyone actually know what is going on inside these people’s heads?

There seems to be a pattern going back 75 years. The bosses at the top find rookies who will drink the Kool-Aid. From that point on, these people fight to the death for ideas that don’t work very well. 

But how do these people see themselves? Does anyone know from actual conversations what they think they are doing? And has anyone ever encountered a top educator who was embarrassed or eager to confess? (I want to interview that person.)

For what it’s worth here’s my own “triage”--the three types of elite educators. TYPE S is smart and subversive; they know exactly what they are doing. TYPE D is dim, believes anything, follows orders, and may actually have no idea what damage they are creating. TYPE C is a careerist, wants the cash, and does what it takes to keep the paychecks coming.... My suspicion is that TYPE S is rare but those people are the real problem.

If you don’t want to run this for whatever reason, that’s okay. But I do think some psychoanalytics might be appropriate here. When we first observe the Education Establishment at work, the inevitable reaction is something incoherent like: are these people conspirators or just nuts?? That’s a big spread. Years later, the confusion just grows.

If we knew their psyches, we could better oppose their schemes.

Bruce Deitrick Price

Any educators wishing to confess, please contact me at Improve-Education.org."

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