Education Activists: Bruce Price, Laurie Rogers, and You

Let me introduce myself. I write a great deal about education, in what might be called an intellectual way. It’s pleasurable for me to figure out why Whole Word doesn’t work, why Constructivism is a fraud, why Multiculturalism is bull, why Reform Math should be called Deformed Math, why Self-Esteem undercuts education, etc., etc.  I’ve got 250 education articles and videos on the web. You can find a summary of the whole shebang in a short  article called “56: Top 10 Worst Ideas in Education” on Improve-Education.org. 

My analytical approach has its place, but we also need another kind of activism as well, the kind where you confront the local schools with the lousy job they do, where you try to run for the school board, where you try to set up tutoring assistance for kids having trouble, where you try to make the local paper do its job, where you try to galvanize the community into awareness and action. If people fully grasped how defective, in many cases, our public schools have gotten, there would be a relentless demand for change and improvement.

Now let me introduce Laurie Rogers. the second type of activist. She lives in Spokane, Washington, and has a website called Betrayed--Why Education Is Failing, and a book with a similar name, “Betrayed -- How Our Education Establishment Has Betrayed America.” I’m sure she can explain all the issues as well as anyone. But the reason I’m writing this paean is that Laurie Rogers is in the trenches, she’s going hand-to-hand with the sad fanatics who run the schools. She is good at politics and has diplomatic skills. I wish there was someone just like her in every city in the US. That’s what we need. Unfortunately, I suspect Laurie Rogers is very rare.

I should probably make clear that I don’t know this woman. I just follow her activities on her blog. And I’m satisfied she is a national treasure. Check out one of her recent articles.  You may find that you are inspired to get more involved.

Please do. Whatever style, whatever level, there is a way for you to fight the good fight in education.

I recently compared our Education Establishment to the Mubarak Regime. Corrupt, entrenched, all-powerful. But the citizens, armed with social media, revolted; and now Mubarak is in exile. 

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